It is an accelerated MBA and joins together Management skills with Regulatory Law. This highly prestigious and pioneering post graduate course results from a partnership between Porto Business School and VdAcademia and will be administered in the scope of Arctel - the training center for Telecoms and Communications Regulators from Portuguese speaking countries. 

'This MBA counts with highly prestigious lecturers who join together a deep academic knowledge with a strong market experience coming both from the Management and the Law areas', stresses Paula Marques,  from the Porto Business School Customised Solutions.

'We aim for a broader kind of knowledge for our associates' says filipe Batista, from Arctel. 'In a crisis scenario such as the one we are facing, it is crucial to deepen our knowledge and to strengthen our skills in a wide and broad manner' adds Susana Almeida Lopes, from vdAcademia. 'Through this post graduate course we hope to be contributing for the development of the 21st century leaders'.