Margarida Couto and Ana Marta Castro (Partners) are two of the voices that contributed to the ISCTE Executive Education book, entitled "101 Voices for Sustainability - For a Sustainable Development", sharing their vision of sustainability for the future of Portugal.

Margarida Couto contributed with the article "The path to Sustainability is no longer a 'Nice to Have'" and Ana Marta Castro with the article "Public Procurement - a lever at the service of the pursuit of SDGs".

The book has an introductory note by António Guterres and brings together texts by personalities from numerous sectors of Portuguese public life, such as Carlos Fiolhais (Coimbra University), António Saraiva (CIP), Luísa Schmidt (ICS-UL), Roberta Medina (Rock in Rio), among more than a hundred personalities from the most varied sectors of civil society, who address sustainability in its different aspects - the energy transition or green transition, the United Nations SDGs, Positive Nature, NetZero, decarbonisation, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), waste, living with less, water management, circularity, inequalities, the 3 p's of sustainability (People, Profit, Planet, to which Purpose and Prosperity are added), and also Sustainable Society or Gender Equality, among others.