Magda Cocco, partner, and Tiago Bessa, managing associate, participate at Sir Tim Berners-Lee (World Wibe Web inventor) conference, introducing the “Contract for the web” project, within the Web Summit event taking place in Lisbon.

In May 2019, half the world’s population will be online, and to celebrate this achievement, and to create awareness to its dangers, the World Wide Web Foundation decided to launch the basis for a project that guarantees that the rest of the world’s population has an adequate access to the internet, providing better jobs, greater education, health and citizenship.

This project is launch within the Web Summit, where Sir Tim Berners-Lee presents the “Principles for the Contract" which define the main features of the future contract, divided by different stakeholders (Governemnts, Businesses and Citizens).

VdA, through the ICT practice, has associated with this project, that already counts with Google, Facebook, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Main One and Consumers International, and will collaborate in the creation of the “Contract for the Web”.