On 17 January, Vieira de Almeida and EY Portugal will hold a conference on “Managing new challenges in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in the real estate sector”, from 15h00 to 18h30.

This conference will address matters involving compliance with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing requirements, such as all activities related to real estate brokerage and the purchase, sale, purchase for resale or bartering of properties, as well as activities aimed at promoting, planning, managing and financing the construction of buildings with a view to their subsequent transfer or disposal.

Compliance with prevention requirements is of fundamental importance in the current legal and regulatory framework, which imposes duties on employees of all organisations, starting with their directors and top management. This reality poses new and demanding challenges, and raises practical issues that demand adequate management and organisation.

The Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC) and Portugal’s Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) will participate in this event, alongside VdA’s Real Estate and Dispute Resolution teams, and EY Portugal’s Fraud Investigation, Compliance and Financial Services teams, to debate such matters as the real estate sector’s internal control system; identification, due diligence and examination duties; the regulator’s perspective and other related topics.

For further information, please contact Ana Sofia Bica - asb@vda.pt