An international VAT Forum event

Conceição Gamito, Tax practice managing associate, will participate in the 17th Annual VAT Summit, organized by the VAT Forum, an international partnership of indirect tax specialists, whose main aim is to promote discussion on VAT application at an European level, with the participation of active work groups and the promotion of conferences, seminars and training programs.

The core theme of this Annual VAT Summit is "VAT determination automation and VAT compliance automation ". Large companies, such as Nike, Coca-Cola and DHL, attend this summit where they give testimony on how e-invoicing systems may allow optimisation of the level of VAT automation, on the implementation of distance sales VAT rules, namely within the context of online shopping, or on the implementation of the Mini One Stop Shop Scheme, and address the key challenges they face with the automation of their VAT processes, answering questions such as “What processes can be automated?” or “Where does it make most sense to start with automating VAT within your business?

The Summit will take place between April 27 and 29, in Berlin.