Sustainable Finance Regulation

The plethora of regulatory amendments made by the European Union to integrate ESG factors in investment decisions, to tackle "greenwashing" and "social washing" and to channel more and more funds to economic activities and sustainable businesses, places enormous pressure on both asset managers and issuers due to the innovative and complex nature of such regulations.

Alongside the financial Information which has long been prepared and disclosed in a standardized manner, there is an increasing number of non-financial information on the businesses’ effective performance that must be made public in accordance with known indicators and metrics. This kind of non-financial information has become increasingly relevant to undertakings strategic positioning in their operating sectors and geographical areas of activity and keeps attracting more and more stakeholders.

We have helped businesses put together reporting programs for non-financial information and to prepare this information in line with international practices and ongoing developments in this matter, especially keeping in mind the continued attention paid to it by the European Commission.


  • Helping undertakings to obtain an ESG rating
  • Advising on how to structure corporate governance schemes in line with ESG factors
  • Assisting in the implementation of codes of conduct and ESG related procedures
  • Helping prepare ESG compliance reports and sustainability reports
  • Assisting on how to structure and implement compliance programs
  • Development and implementation of training programs
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