Inês Antas de Barros was a guest on the podcast "Comunicar Cibersegurança" (Communicating Cybersecurity) in an episode dedicated to the topic "New EU Cybersecurity Directive".

This participation follows the new EU Cybersecurity Directive - NIS 2, published on 14 December 2022, which replaces the previous directive - NIS 1, published in 2016.

Inês Antas de Barros begins by highlighting the most innovative aspects of NIS 2 compared to the previous directive, emphasising "the broadening of its scope of action", the "principle of responsibility", "the creation of a cybersecurity cooperation and communication network" and the "strengthening of security measures".

This episode also covers topics such as: "What can organisations expect in the future?"; "Are organisations prepared for these new demands?"; "Does this path have to be taken by 2024?" and "Positive transposition".

This podcast is promoted by the National Cybersecurity Centre (CNCS) and moderated by Clara Santos Silva.