VdA contributed to the 2024 edition of the report "Women, Business and the Law - 2024", published on March 4th by the World Bank.

This report analyses the legislation and regulation that impacts women's economic opportunities in 190 countries.

This year's edition is divided into eight different chapters focussing on different indicators, including: Mobility, Workplace, Earnings, Marriage, Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Assets, Pensions, Security and Childcare.  In addition, the report measures the impact of legislative implementation and its practical operation.

VdA contributed to the preparation of this report through the jurisdictions of São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor, through the coordination of Marina Costa Cabral and the collaboration of Catarina Pinto Correia, Virna Neves, Helena Manoel Viana, and Rita Rocha.

  • This report is available for consultation here.