VdA contributes four chapters to the Global Legal Insights Banking Regulation 2020 comparative guide, published by the Global Legal Group, where it develops and explains the legislation in each jurisdiction regarding banking regulation.

Hugo Moredo Santos (Partner), Filipa Fonseca Santos (Managing Associate) and Isabel Ferreira dos Santos (Associate) contributed to the Angola chapter; Nuno Castelão (Principal Consultant), Guilherme Daniel (GDA Partner) and Gonçalo Barros Cardoso (Senior International Adviser) to the Mozambique chapter; Benedita Aires (Partner), Maria Carrilho (Associate) and Sofia Lopes Ramos (Trainee) wrote about Portugal; and Pedro Cassiano Santos (Partner), Rita Castelo Ferreira (Associate) and José Melo Ribeiro (International Advisor) contributed to the Timor-Leste chapter.

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