VdA has once again been recognised as the law firm with the best corporate reputation in the country, according to the "Merco Empresas Portugal 2023" study. This is the second consecutive year that VdA has received this prestigious honour.

Merco Empresas Portugal 2023" is an annual study carried out by Merco - Corporate Reputation Monitor, which assesses the reputation of companies in Portugal based on criteria such as the quality of products and services, corporate responsibility, business ethics, transparency, and commitment to society.

The "Merco Empresas Portugal 2023" also highlights João Vieira de Almeida, who features in the overall ranking of business leaders in Portugal. His prominent role in the business sector is testimony to his vision and leadership, which has contributed to VdA's continued success.

See the full results here.


Nabeiro, EDP e Sonae são as empresas com melhor reputação em Portugal, segundo o Merco – ECO (sapo.pt)