Paula Gomes Freire, Pedro Cassiano Santos, Hugo Moredo Santos, José Pedro Fazenda Martins, Tiago Correia Moreira (Partners) and Orlando Vogler Guiné (Managing Associate), are Post-Graduate lecturers on the VII Advanced Postgraduate Course in Banking Law, promoted by the CIDP - Private Law Research Centre and the Lisbon University Law School.

 This collaboration begins with Hugo Moredo Santos teaching the module on "Supervision on an individual basis and Supervision on a consolidated basis: Criteria and consequences of consolidation", followed by Orlando Vogler Guiné who oversees the subject on "Regulatory Capital".

 The module on "Structured Financing" is taught by Paula Gomes Freire and Pedro Cassiano Santos and the subject on "Blockchain" by Tiago Correia Moreira.

José Pedro Fazenda Martins collaborates under the theme "Investment Banking" developing the module entitled "Futures and Options".

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