VdA worked with the World Economic on the long-awaited briefing paper, which will serve as the foremost publication involving extensive research focused on the metaverse.

The initiative has brought together a global, multi-stakeholder group of more than 100 experts in academia, civil society, government, technology and business to help shape a future metaverse that is equitable, safe and economically viable.

We are pleased to share the briefing paper:

  1. Interoperability in the Metaverse from the governance track. 

This track focuses on frameworks that prevent potential harms and mitigate emerging risks while ensuring equity, privacy, security, safety and interoperability - founded on the ability for users to participate across environments and technologies, for data to circulate freely and securely, and for systems to exchange information seamlessly.

To find out more about this matter, the agenda blog, The first research of its kind: defining, building and governing a metaverse for all,introduces the initiative and reports.