VdA's Labour Practice Area and VdA Academia entered into a Collaboration Protocol with the HR Ahead Center, focusing on research and discussion on HR issues of the Future.

The HR Ahead Center is part of ISEG's Centre for Advanced Research in Management, constituting a platform for collaboration between research and HR practice, which brings together researchers, consultants, professionals and students around research, experimentation and discussion of themes for the academic and practical evolution of the Human Resources area.

The Partnership with HR Ahead Center constitutes, according to Américo Oliveira Fragoso, the "happy meeting of a common vision about the Future of HR, in which the communion between the legal component and HR practice reinforce, in its different dimensions, the transforming role that HR management assumes in the sustainability of companies, and in which we are deeply committed to promote as a brand for the Future of the Labour Area".

For VdA Academia, the Partnership represents, according to Sandra Pedro Serrano, "the validation of VdA Academia's purpose as an entity that promotes the development and empowerment of people's skills, preparing them to assume roles of great relevance. This is an essential factor for the culture of knowledge in organisations."

The association of the HR Ahead Center with VdA through this Protocol is, in the words of Susana Almeida Lopes, "an opportunity to integrate legal expertise in the research and reflection of future HR issues. VdA thus joins a range of organisations that live up to the motto 'human capital in first place'.