VdA is highlighted in TTR's October Report, occupying several relevant places in this ranking prepared by the Transactional Track Record (TTR), a financial technology platform that provides real-time market data.

We advised the transaction considered the deal of the month, the €200M investment by Goldman Sachs Asset Management in Constructel Visabeira, in which VdA represented the Visabeira Group.

In this report, VdA also ranks 1st in the "M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Asset Acquisitions, Legal Advisors" ranking, which is based on the total value of transactions advised in the period under analysis.

In individual highlights, VdA has Hugo Moredo Santos (Partner) in 1st place in the Equity Capitals "Dealmakers - Legal Advisors" ranking, based on the number of transactions, and also Pedro Sassetti Coimbra (Senior Associate) in a distinguished 1st place in the "M&S, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Assets Acquisitions" ranking as "Rising Star Dealmakers - Legal Advisor", taking into account the total value of the transactions in which he participated in the quarter under analysis.