Sofia Ribeiro Branco (Partner) writes an opinion article for Jornal Económico on the General Regime of Administrative Offences and the strong and intrusive way of obtaining evidences.

"In the last 15 years, special sanctioning regimes have succeeded in the most diverse sectors, from banking and capital markets, telecommunications, postal sector, insurance, auditing, environment, personal data or in cross-cutting matters such as competition or money laundering. These schemes result in maximum fines of millions of euros, accessory sanctions of disqualification from exercising activities or positions, advertising, loss of good repute and a ban on participation in public tenders.
And, in their application, some authorities resort to the seizure of e-mails, conduct searches (including home searches), use recordings to prove misdemeanors, use statements collected in supervisory actions, access telephone data and view and seize documents subject to professional secrecy".

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