Magda Cocco (Partner), Helena Correia Mendonça (Senior Consultant) and Cristina Melo Miranda (Senior Associate) contributed to the third edition of The Space Law Review, published by Law Business Research.

The lawyers contribute with the chapter on Portugal in which they explain and develop the legal and regulatory framework of Space in our country.

“Portugal has been taking important steps in the space sector in recent years. In addition to the approval of its space strategy in 2018 (Portugal Space 2030), Portugal also became part of the European Space Surveillance and Tracking programme (EUSST); launched the Atlantic International Research Centre (the AIR Centre); stated its intention to set up a spaceport in the Azores; and approved its own National Space Act and the Azores Regional Space Act.

Moreover, it reinforced its contribution to the European Space Agency (ESA), appointed a national space authority (the Space Authority) and set up a space agency (Portugal Space). In 2020, it set in motion a series of innovative space projects that promise to bring Portugal to the forefront of the space sector.”

Read the chapter here.