Filipe de Vasconcelos Fernandes has written an opinion article in the ECO newspaper entitled "The economics of desalination and the Portuguese case", in which he introduces the topic by arguing that "desalination can be a very relevant contribution to the context of imminent 'water stress'".

The article addresses three main themes: "The emergence of desalination - a brief comparative introduction"; "Some of the main trade-offs in the economics of desalination"; and "The Portuguese case and the future".

The author concludes his analysis by stating that "the construction of the first power plant on mainland Portugal cannot be considered separately or as a single solution". For this reason, "this is precisely the moment to envisage new public policies that strongly encourage territorial cohesion and the fair distribution of the costs (economic, social and environmental) involved in water planning, such as the correct monitoring of desalination mitigation and compensation measures, tariff stability and, not least, sustainability in its use."

Read the article here.