Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro (Partner) writes an article for Jornal Económico about the importance of privacy and the constant monitoring to which we are subject.

"Smile, you're being watched! It may not be news to you. And it is likely that if you are asked if you value your privacy, the answer is yes. However, faced with the decision to grant access to your data to use certain services, you conform and say yes.
Can you assume that privacy is not that important to you? Probably not. What makes you decide this way is to feel that you have no alternative and do not want to be left out of the possibilities that technology provides. And so, the data about your route on the Internet, your searches, your purchases, your jogging, your car journeys, your location, your conversations on social networks, among others, are given by you to the companies that provide these services to you (sometimes for free), allowing them to give them to other companies and even to combine all the data about you".

Read the article here. (content available only in Portuguese)