João Vieira de Almeida (Senior Partner), Paula Gomes Freire (Managing Partner) and Jorge Bleck (Partner) are quoted in an article by Advocatus in which 22 lawyers are challenged to answer the question "What should be the priority of the next government for the economy?. 

For João Vieira de Almeida "in terms of action, the new government should, in my opinion, concentrate on the adoption of a package of measures that allow for the reinforcement of the competitiveness of resident companies, which is indispensable to the generation and qualification of employment and to the sustainability of an economy that is very exposed to international markets".

Paula Gomes Freire says "in an emergency context such as the one we are living in; priority is often confused with urgency. In the economic plan, for the new government, containing the pandemic and revitalising the economy is a priority, because it is urgent. It will be critical to ensure an adequate implementation of the recovery and resilience plan, ensuring a sustainable growth of the economy".

Jorge Bleck states that the priority should "go to fighting poverty. Before social transfers, more than 49% of the population lives below the poverty threshold! After transfers, an impressive percentage (more than 18% of the population) still lives below that threshold. An intolerable shame and one that should be at the centre of all political debate."

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