Cláudia Cruz Almeida was quoted in the latest issue of Advocatus, in an article dedicated to the M&A sector. The article, entitled "Lawyers optimistic about the recovery of the M&A sector. But there are challenges," analyses M&A activity in 2023 and outlines expectations for the current year.

To this end, Cláudia Cruz Almeida shared her opinion on the market trajectory expected for this year, highlighting the property and tourism sectors as the most active, followed by the energy, infrastructure, IT & TMT sectors.

In addition, VdA is highlighted in the same article as the law firm that led the ranking of M&A operations in 2023, with a total of 25 operations totalling 3,211.65 million euros.

In a general context, "in 2023, 695 operations were carried out, totalling 13,990 million euros, according to the TTR Data ranking". Cláudia Cruz Almeida says that "after a start to the year with a low volume and number of transactions, throughout 2023 we saw an increase in the number of transactions in Portugal compared to 2022, although this was offset by a decrease in the volume transacted in terms of the value of the transactions."

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