João Vieira de Almeida (Managing Partner) is quoted in "Quem é quem na Advocacia", an annual publication by Jornal Económico.

In the context of the "Leaders Forum" segment in which Managing Partners of several law firms answer the question "How is the firm dealing with the second wave of the pandemic and preparing for a new confinement?", João Vieira de Almeida states:

"We prepared for this eventuality some time ago. The experience with the management of the first wave allowed us to plan the response and to face this challenge with serenity. Much more than the concerns with technological issues, linked to the continuity of the operation and integration of information and quality control, which marked the sudden confinement of March, the focus is now mainly on the preservation of the routines of proximity, sharing and collaboration, structural elements of our organisational culture.
And, of course, in a very dynamic management of this new reality, with our eyes on the future. We have developed a specific plan aimed at the new demand patterns, we have created working groups that are focusing on specific sectors and products, and we have developed communication and training initiatives at a distance that maintain the engagement of the whole team beyond the normal production work. We have also consistently ensured high levels of cross-selling and cross-staffing, which has allowed us to keep all areas active in these challenging times, and we will continue to do so. I also hope that, from the point of view of the protection and safety of our employees, it will be possible to continue to register a very low level of incidence of the pandemic, as the health of all is a central concern of the firm".

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