João Vieira de Almeida is quoted in an article in ECO entitled "Law firms prioritise sustainability. But how?", an article which analyses the increase in corporate investment in ESG and in which the measures and strategy of VdA, Fundação Vasco Vieira de Almeida and VdA Academia are emphasised.

In a scenario of growing corporate investment in sustainability, particularly in the environmental, social and governance areas, the ECO article clarifies that the legal sector is also following this trend and is committed to investing continuously in ESG policies.

In this context, for João Vieira de Almeida "responsible companies cannot fail to be increasingly aware of their obligations in terms of environmental and social impact, as well as the related risks".

As such, part of VdA's strategy in pursuit of this goal is emphasised in this article, with a focus on environmental and social matters.

"As far as the environment is concerned, the next goal is to extend the practices we have already implemented at the Lisbon offices to the rest of the Firm's offices: optimising efficiency in the use of resources, with 100% of energy coming from certified renewable sources; increasing green areas; implementing waste collection and recovery programmes; and establishing external partnerships that allow us to offset our emissions."

In the social area, João Vieira de Almeida explains that there is a continuous focus on "reinforcing ongoing initiatives, from an 'innovative, personalised and very comprehensive VdA Academia training plan' to the We4Wellness programme, through which they seek to contribute to improving employees' health, well-being and quality of life."

For VdA's senior partner, "organisations that incorporate sustainability into their operations are 'more aware of risks and opportunities' and are better placed to achieve financial success and corporate longevity". In addition, João Vieira de Almeida explains that a Responsible Business strategy "is a considerable competitive differentiation factor and a value-generating tool in the medium and long term".

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