Jorge Bleck (Partner) gives an interview to Advocatus, which is the cover of the October edition, where he talks about several issues related to his professional career.

About the move to VdA in 2013 he says "I had the enormous privilege of being lured by some of the best law firms in Lisbon (it was, I confess, a high moment for my self-esteem); I ended up choosing Vieira de Almeida by concluding that it would be the one where my profile could fit better. Today I can confirm that I hit the nail on the head, which is why the balance I take is the best possible. I feel as if I've always been here; as a fish in the water, because I share the values, I share the culture, I share the way I see my profession, I share the environment, I share the restlessness and the desire to do more and better, I share the obsession for innovation and the refusal to stand still, and above all, I feel that, professionally and humanly, I'm between very good people and good people; in short: my people".

Read the interview here.