Jorge Bleck gives an interview published in the 4th edition (May) of Revista Diurna, a publication of the Academic Journal of the Catholic University of Porto.

The interview was a result of a kind invitation from Nuno Brochado de Agarez to Jorge Bleck, who promptly accepted - once more - this challenge. Nuno is a Law student and the Editor in Chief of Revista Diurna. He was also a Spring Scholar winner of the CoachYourFuture @ VdA Prize in this year's Spring School edition.

Throughout the interview, Jorge Bleck shares with future lawyers some insights from his professional experience and as a natural connoisseur of what was, is and will be the Law practice, leaves us with some clues to what he imagines to be “the Future, which was yesterday and after which we are already running”.


Read the full interview here.