Isabel Gião de Andrade (Partner) and Margarida Couto (Senior Partner) are quoted in an article by Advocatus on the GIRL MOVE Academy project, a non-governmental organization that works with young people in Mozambique, with the aim of breaking cycles of poverty and increasing education levels among women, of which VdA has been a partner since 2016.

Margarida Couto says that this "is an extremely impacting and transformative project for both Girl Movers and the Firm's employees, who are directly or indirectly involved in the project. The life stories of these girls are absolutely inspiring, they challenge us, making us believe that to make a difference in our community and in the world, it is enough to want a lot, as they want! We all feel small when we look at the size of these young women's dreams and the greatness of their desire to make them come true. And we feel like looking at the promising future that definitely awaits them!

Isabel Gião de Andrade confirms that "this experience has overcome all barriers and made physical space irrelevant. It has proved that knowledge can be shared, it has shown that there are people who, against all the adversities of life, do not stop believing that it is possible and do everything to make their dreams come true. Suddenly, everyone's geography was irrelevant and we just had to reinvent ourselves to create bonds of proximity through virtual means. Above all, he made it clear that people like Eunice and Nadia are true Movers, who will help to build the history of their country".

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