On the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Code, the Centre for Private Law Research of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon organised a Book of the Fiftieth Anniversary which brings together, in two volumes, original studies carried out by the Centre’s researchers, distributed in such a way as to cover the Code’s main aspects.

The work, which was coordinated by Professor António Menezes Cordeiro, compiled several articles with the contribution of more than fifty authors, including Joana Reis Barata, an intern of the Intellectual Property department, with an article entitled “Critical analysis of the exclusion of the revocation of donations’ framework due to the ingratitude of the donee”.

This article examines the reasons why limits were set to the right of revocation by the donor and questions whether these limits can also be the object of exceptions, even if not foreseen in the law, considering overriding interests.

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