Carla Gonçalves Borges, partner of the Litigation & Arbitration department, is for the second time a member of the Commercial Arbitration Centre Council of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAC-PCCI), for the mandate from 2022-2025.

CAC-PCCI is the most important arbitration centre in Portugal, and the Council comprises arbitrators and lawyers of recognised merit and experience in the area of arbitration. The Council includes Mariana França Gouveia (Chairman), Paula Costa e Silva Rui Pinto Duarte (Vice-Chairmen), Alexandra Nascimento Correia, Carla Borges, Frederico Bettencourt Ferreira, Gilberto Correia, Joana Galvão Teles, Miguel Azevedo, Ricardo Guimarães e Sofia Vale (Members).

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