Rui Diniz Miquelis (Associate) co-authored an article for the publication, in a collaboration between VdA and SHL, about Burnout "or professional burnout syndrome which is a specific type of stress caused by work, which is mainly characterised by emotional exhaustion (feeling of overload, emotional emptiness and wearing down of the capacity for empathy) and by decreased involvement and dedication to work".

About the increase of Burnout cases in Portugal the authors state: "in a global market, people are increasingly asked to function at their highest level, to be involved at work, generating innovative ideas that allow organisations to be competitive. However, socio-economic transformations, increased uncertainty, instability and pace of work, as well as the blurring of boundaries between personal and professional life - deepened by the Covid-19 pandemic - have increased psychosocial risks at work, with a strong impact on physical and mental health."

Read the article here.