Pedro Simões Coelho is quoted in the Jornal de Negócios newspaper, in an article that discusses the impact of the new asset management regime in Portugal.

The recent Jornal de Negócios publication analyses the implications and challenges of the new regulatory framework for financial asset management in the country.

Asked what the entry into force of CMVM Regulation no. 7/2023, on the new Asset Management Regime, means for the Portuguese market for collective investment undertakings, the lawyer says: "The long-awaited CMVM Regulation no. 7/2023 is a fundamental instrument that contributes to the stabilisation of the new legal and regulatory regime applicable to collective investment undertakings (CIUs), as well as to legal certainty for market operators and investors. The conditions are now in place for the market to take advantage of the simplification introduced by the new Asset Management Regime, thus anticipating greater dynamism in this segment of the capital market."

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