Paula Gomes Freire (Managing Partner) gives an interview to Advocatus about her new role as Managing Partner of VdA.

"This mandate of mine, this succession, brings with it the challenge proper to a debut and, of course, it is not neutral, but it is a prepared succession, calm and in a spirit of continuity of the project - we turn a page, we inaugurate a new chapter of our history, but...the book is the same. Having said this, I am fully aware that we have been witnessing the emergence of a new legal market with an impact on the traditional business model of law firms (...). It is a highly challenging context and as such I will be focused on promoting the adaptation and transformation necessary for the continued affirmation of VdA as a firm of reference in this new legal market, maintaining a nonconformist spirit, always, and embracing the opportunities with the strength and enthusiasm of one who is not satisfied with the success already achieved."

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