Claúdia da Cruz Almeida (Partner) gave an interview to Advocatus in which she spoke about her professional career and her experience at VdA.

"In the last year of the course, I decided that my path would be through advocacy. Within the law, I felt a special appeal for commercial, banking and capital market law issues, so I applied for an internship at the law firms that were advising in this area. VdA was already one of the references in these fields at the time, so I sent my CV to VdA, did an interview and was invited to be an intern".

"I left the interview with the conviction that this was a special house: plural and cohesive, based on solid values embraced by special people, who take their profession and life seriously, but who do not take themselves too seriously. Even today, I take with me a sentence that I heard in that interview that marked me greatly: a happy lawyer will always be a better lawyer. I felt that this is where I would like to be".

Read the interview here.