VdA organizes, in partnership with ASP Advogados (exclusive member of VdA Legal Partners in Angola) and SHL Portugal, the Webinar - "The Taking Back: Psychological and Legal Aspects of Telework in Angola", which will take place in an online session on August 6, between 10h00 and 12h00.

The Webinar will count with the interventions of Rui Andrade (Head Partner of  VdA Labour Practice), Susana Almeida Lopes (Managing Partner of SHL Portugal), Joana Macedo (Partner of SHL Portugal), Vasco Patrício (Senior HR Consultant of SHL Portugal), Tiago Cochofel de Azevedo (VdA Labour Practice Managing Associate) and Vanusa Gomes (Managing Associate at ASP Advogados).



Rui Andrade, Head Partner of Labour Practice | VdA

Benchmark results on telework and skills needed for telework: supporting employees and leaders
Joana Macedo, Partner | SHL Portugal

Talent management at a distance: a world of virtual opportunities
Vasco Patrício, Senior HR Consultant in Angola

The renaissance of teleworking: a legal regime in the new reality
Tiago Cochofel de Azevedo, Managing Associate  | VdA

Opportunities for labour cost reduction in the COVID-19 context
Vanusa Gomes, Managing Associate | ASP Advogados 


Susana Almeida Lopes, Managing Partner | SHL Portugal


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