Mariana França Gouveia participates as a speaker in the Intensive Course of Arbitrators and in the II International Arbitration Conference, initiatives promoted by the Internationalization Commission of Mozambique.

The first of these events, the Intensive Course for Arbitrators, will take place on June 17 and 18, with an opening session conducted by Mariana França Gouveia, which also accompanies the session "Simulation of arbitration hearings with resolution of practical cases". The course is also composed of the following modules: "Arbitrator Statute", "Efficient conduct of the arbitral process" and, finally, "Arbitration session".

On June 20, the II International Arbitration Conference will be held, in which VdA's lawyer participates as moderator in the panel "I Arbitration in Mozambique: Relevant Issues", composed of the themes "Arbitration Law: New Developments", "The Articulation and Cooperation between Arbitral and Judicial Tribunals", "Public Law Arbitration" and "Labor Arbitration".