The Inspiralaw Initiative is an event that aims to connect women working in the Spanish and Portuguese legal sectors and empower them to transform culture.

This event urges from a research conducted by Iberian Lawyer showing that only 16 per cent of partners at Spain’s leading firms are women, while at Portuguese top law firms, female lawyers make up 26 per cent of partners.

VdA supports this event where Magda Cocco and Paula Gomes Freire participate.

Magda Cocco participates as a moderator at the debate “Talents”, at which questions such as "What are female lawyers looking for when selecting a firm? What should firms do to attract and retain female talent?" will be answered.

At the debate on “Driving Forces”, the questions "(The career arch) Is the stage you are at in your career a factor when making career choices? Should organizations do something to address this issue?" are discussed and moderated by Paula Gomes Freire.

The event takes place on the 26 May, Lisbon.