On 4 May, VdA is holding a conference at its Auditorium on the topic “Business Associations and Competition Protection: A Viable Balance”, attended by the Portuguese Competition Authority.

The conference will be opened by Vasco Vieira de Almeida (VdA’s senior partner) and the President of the Portuguese Competition Authority. Other scheduled speakers include the CEO of Gestmin, a Member of the Board of the Portuguese Competition Authority as well as Mário Esteves de Oliveira (Head Partner of VdA’s Public Law practice), Nuno Ruiz, Miguel Mendes Pereira and Rita Aleixo Gregório (Partners and Managing Associate of the Competition & EU practice).

Margarida Couto (Partner of the firm’s Telecoms & Media practice) and Paulo Pinheiro (Partner of the Public Law practice) will also attend the event as moderators of two panels.

This conference will discuss the application of competition rules to business associations and the Guide for Business Associations, made public by the Competition Authority in late 2016 and which identifies the main situations where the intervention of business associations may prove harmful to competition and to consumers.

Media (contents available only in Portuguese):