VdA participates, once again, in the AgroIN 2021 event, a congress that is a key annual milestone in the world of agribusiness, where the environment of sharing, knowledge, innovation and debate takes precedence.

Today's agribusiness challenges are more demanding, more sophisticated and more global. Ensuring profitability and competitiveness can only go hand in hand with sustainability, ecology, efficiency, the creation of economies of scale and professionalised management.

And the demands of the Ecological Pact, the European Biodiversity Strategy, the Meat to Plate' strategy, the Eco regimes in the CAP reform, among others, require attention to regulation, knowledge and compliance with legal and contractual requirements and best practices, and management strategies fully integrated with the legal requirements, as never before.

The transformation of the sector raises new, more complex, legal and contractual issues that require innovative responses, integrated with other skills and with knowledge of other countries and other realities, which benefit from solid experience. This is our contribution.

And that is our commitment - to ensure quality of service and dedicated and consistent sectorial coverage.

And that is also why we are committed to AgroIn and to the sector players in which we are integrated.

We are proud to be part of this community and to be able to contribute to the debate on such current and decisive issues for the future of agriculture, such as ‘precision farming’ and technological and digital agriculture, or the sustainability of the agribusiness.

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