During the Conference of the Parties (COP 28) on climate change, which took place recently, Assunção Cristas took part in various initiatives at the Portuguese pavilion.

Assunção Cristas took part in the panel discussion organised by the LAND Fund - Life And Nature Development. Alongside Ângela Lucas, co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of the LAND Fund, she debated crucial issues related to climate change and afforestation. The discussion centred on the role of private investment as a catalyst for concrete solutions for restoring nature and promoting biodiversity.

Another highlight of Assunção Cristas' participation was her moderation of the panel discussion "Women's contribution to climate action", as part of the Business as Nature project. This panel highlighted the fundamental role of women in leading and implementing actions to combat climate change. The discussion addressed innovative and practical strategies that women can adopt to drive climate action, emphasising the importance of gender diversity in this context.