VdA promotes the debate dedicated to the topic "Focus on the "S": Employees in the ESG legal framework", on 13 July, between 9:30 and 11 am, at the António de Magalhães Cardoso Auditorium.

It will provide a practical reflection on the different way’s companies can position themselves in these matters, making tangible some KPIs related to the ESG framework (in the "S" dimension), given the legal obligations applicable to companies in Portugal, regarding the rights of their employees.

This Conference counts with the participation of Assunção Cristas (Of Counsel, Head of Environment and ESG Integrated Services Platform) who will open the event, Maria Foque (Principal Consultant and Pro Bono Manager) and Tiago Cochofel de Azevedo (Managing Associate) who will participate in the round table on the subject and Margarida Couto (Partner) who will close the debate.