Marta Alves Vieira and João Carlos Assunção took part in the work and activities taking place at the so-called "Autumn Meeting" of ECTA - European Communities Trade Mark Association, on 12 and 13 October in Turin.

Meetings of the ECTA Supervisory Board and the association's working committees are held at this event, and there is always a workshop, this time on "'Accelerating the Future: IP in the Automotive Sector", which deals with trade marks, designs and patents.

Marta Alves Vieira took part in the organisation and management of the Design Committee meeting as Secretary of the committee and in the activities aimed at the leadership groups of these working groups.

João Carlos Assunção took part in the Harmonisation Committee meeting, of which he is a member

ECTA is one of the largest and most prestigious Intellectual Property organisations, in which VdA has been actively participating.