A debate to celebrate VdAcademia's fifth year of activity

How important are training academies to improve a company's competitiveness? How strong is an academy's role regarding the company's strategic goals? These are some of the issues to be discussed during the debate which is to take place at CCB on the 24th June, at 3 p.m. in the scope of VdAcademia's (Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA)'s training academy) fifth year of activity celebrations. Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa shall be moderating the debate which will be counting with the input from the academies of some of the major national and international companies, namely Galp, BES, Novartis, PT and Deloitte.

Apart from training in Law areas, VdAcademia further trains all of VdA's staff as well as clients and other stakeholders in a varied range of knowledge and skills such as leadership and management skills, soft skills and sector skills. VdAcademia is also responsible for the creation of some innovative formats such as tailor made Compact MBAs for specific clients and the first Soft Skills Spring School which provides Law students with training in some of the skills most demanded by law firms.

'Since its very first steps VdAcademia embodies the pursuit of excellence VdA strives to achieve and to provide to its clients. From promoting knowledge and research in Law, VdAcademia has expanded its scope to become a duly certified academy providing training to external entities and university students. But more than this, as a truly cooperative and assembling institution, VdAcademia has become an actual platform fostering innovation and preparing VdA's and indeed the market's future' concludes Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, VdAcademia's president.