Magda Cocco (Partner), Catarina Mascarenhas and Tiago Bessa (Managing Associates) participate as speakers in the event PROJEP 2020 Communications Law, promoted by AICEP - International Association of Portuguese Speaking Communications, which takes place between 9 and 12 March.

The four sessions of PROJEP 2020 Communications Law will be divided between the Auditorium of CTT Correios de Portugal (9th and 11th), the headquarters of SRS Advogados (10th) and the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (12th).

Tiago Bessa will speak on the first day of the event, on the panel "New Trends in Electronic Commerce - Overview of the CPLP", returning to the pulpit on the 12th to talk about the "Trends in Legislative Evolution, in the Post and Order Services, at European level".

On the 10th, Magda Cocco addresses the "Future Legislation Trends in the Electronic Communications Sector" and Catarina Mascarenhas participates on the 11th, speaking about the "Common Challenges of the Median Era Multiplatform Sector".

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