On November 8, and for the first time in Portugal, it happened the Pro Bono Day, an initiative dedicated to the cooperation between Law firms, Clearinghouse, Nonprofit organizations, and Law students, as well as to create synergies between Legal Pro Bono stakeholders in Portugal.

This initiative took place within the European Pro Bono Week, which this year took place in cities like Paris, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt or Brussels.

The event had three different moments, which had as a motto, the results from Pro Bono activity. The International Experience was the subject of the first intervention by Fundación Pro Bono España. The impact of Legal Pro Bono on Institutions and Natural Persons was debated by CDI (Center of Digital Inclusion), Associação Mais Proximidade Melhor Vida, and the Pro Bono practice of two law firms.

At last the debate on Good Practices within the Legal Pro Bono in Portugal was led by Pro Bono Portugal, OIKOS and TrustLaw.

At the end of Pro Bono Day, a Pro Bono Alliance was presented, where a commitment letter was signed by a group of lawyers and law firms, concerning the high number of legal pro bono advice needed for which there’s not always enough response.

Joined the Pro Bono Alliance the following law firms and lawyers on individual practices: Abreu, CCSL Advogados, Cuatrecasas, FCB, Maria Pisani Burnay, MIRANDA, Morais Cardoso e Associados, Novartis (Legal Department), Nova Nuno Cerejeira Namora and Pedro Marinho Falcão e Associados, Pedro Maria Simão, PLMJ, Sérvulo & Associados, SRS and VdA, all of which are fully committed and aligned with the best international Legal Pro Bono practices.