Casting Clinic #14 | General Regulation of Data Protection

Nádia Crujeira da Costa, Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity practice senior associate, is guest speaker at the CITNM – Centre for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam in Águeda.

The CITNM aims to enhance knowledge and innovation in metallurgy field, Encourage cooperation between institutions, and Perpetuate knowledge to future generations.

The visibility consolidated by VdA through its experience in privacy and data protection, has led us to develop an holistic approach on the matter aiming to relieve the way personal data is treated in every sector. These matters are discussed on the Casting Clinic 14th session, under the subject of General Data Regulation of Data Protection, which on May 2018 is applicable throughout Europe.

The Casting Clinic #14 takes place on September 13 in Águeda.

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