Vieira de Almeida will be hosting the Competition & EU Autumn Conference in its Lisbon Auditory, on 5 December, between 9.30am and 4.30pm, this year on “Discussing the transposition of the ECN+ Directive: Empowering the Portuguese Competition Authority, New Sources of Evidence and Penalties”.

We will be looking into the transposition of the ECN + Directive and the main challenges it poses, including the challenges arising from reinforcing the powers of the Portuguese Competition Authority and from the new sources of evidence admissible in administrative offense procedures, namely:
- ECN+ Directive: A necessary and feasible revolution?
- Competition Authority’s Powers and Admissible Evidence
- Leniency, Settlement, access to the relevant case file and private enforcement
- Fines, Penalties and Liability

Maria João Melícias, Member of the Board of Directors of the Competition Authority, will open the conference with a reflection on the main challenges posed by the transposition of the ECN+ Directive, followed by round tables to analyze the various issues and a final debate (see the program here).

Nuno Ruiz (Senior Partner for Public Law, Competition & Health), João Medeiros (Co-responsible Partner for Administrative Offenses & Criminal Law), Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro (Partner for Competition & EU), Sofia Ribeiro Branco (Co-responsible Partner for Administrative Offenses & Criminal Law) and Miguel Mendes Pereira (Partner for Competition & EU) will be moderating the debate for VdA. VdA’s Cláudia Coutinho da Costa (Managing Associate for Competition & EU), Joana Bernardo (Senior Associate for Administrative Offenses & Criminal Law) and Leonor Bettencourt Nunes (Associate for Competition & EU) will be participating in the panels.

Admission is free but limited to the auditorium’s seating capacity. Be sure to send us your registration by December 2 to