Helena Correia Mendonça gave an interview to the media organisation "Space in Africa" in the context of her participation in the "NewSpace Africa Conference 2024".

In this interview, entitled "Vieira de Almeida's Approach to Providing Comprehensive Space Policy and Legal Services in Africa", Helena Correia Mendonça emphasises the importance of capacity building and coordination with continental and regional initiatives, as well as the development of specific policies and regulatory frameworks for each country.

The interview highlights VdA's experience in developing the first space policy for an African country. In which, according to the VdA lawyer, "based on our experience, several priority aspects should be considered when drafting space policies and regulatory frameworks for African countries. Firstly, it is crucial to tailor these frameworks to each country’s specific opportunities and challenges, avoiding replicating foreign practices that may not align with their unique circumstances. This approach ensures that policies and laws are understood, accepted, and effectively implemented."

  • This interview can be found here.