Education and environmental sustainability in new jurisdictions

VdA signed a cooperation protocol with the National Park of Gorongosa, in Mozambique, on February 15th, with the purpose of granting support, during 5 years, to the “Vulnerable Children Project”, one of the projects that the Park has singled out as a priority.

Five schools of the surrounding area of the Park will be equipped, thus contributing to transform and improve the studying conditions of the children and youngsters that attend these schools, and to give them awareness in relation to environmental sustainability and to the importance of preserving the biodiversity of Gorongosa.

This protocol, signed in the context of the inauguration ceremony of the new installations of Guilherme Daniel law firm, in Maputo (VdA local partner), marks the internationalisation of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, launched in 2008, reflecting our sense of responsibility as members of VdA Legal Partners and as citizens.

Media: Parque Nacional da Gorongosa e VdA Legal Partners estabelecem parceria