Carla Gonçalves Borges (Partner), Matilde Líbano Monteiro (Senior Associate) and António Pestana Araújo (Trainee), from VdA's Litigation & Arbitration practice area, are co-authors of the book "International Arbitration in Portugal", recently published by Wolters Kluwer.

Sofia Rebelo Ladeira (Associate) from Competition & EU practice, also contributes to this work as co-author.

The book provides a comprehensive approach, for the first time in English, of the legal framework and practice of international arbitration in Portugal.

Carla and António are co-authors of Chapter 8 entitled "Third Parties, Cross Claims and Consolidation". Matilde is co-author of Chapter 10 "Interim Measures and Preliminary Orders", on interim relief. Sofia is co-author of Chapter 21 "Arbitration and Intellectual Property Rights".

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