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 "Hydrogen and Mobility: The Paradigmatic Case of Bus Fleets", by Inês Perestrello and Maria Gorjão Henriques; Proposal for a Regulation on a European Approach for Artificial Intelligence: An Overview, by Iakovina Kindylidi and Tiago Sérgio Cabral ; "Optimal Public Policies as Based "green nudges" - a Necessary Step for Smart Cities", by Filipe de Vasconcellos Fernandes; "Utopia and Dystopia: The Health Passport and the Future of the City", by Pedro Fontes; "Gamestop Saga: a Cautionary Tale for Furture Democracy? "by José Miguel Carracho; "State Aid in the Field of Smart Mobility" by Ricardo Filipe Costa; "Algorithmic Discrimination: Biases in Artificial Intelligence Systems and the Role of Fundamental Rights" by Francisco Granja de Almeida; "Cybersecurity Risks and Litigation - are Businesses Considering the Whole Picture? "by Inês Antas de Barros and Joana Neves; "Right to Disconnection: A Debate or a Necessary Measure" by Tiago Cochofel Azevedo and José Sintra; "Algorithms and Vaccination: a Viable Solution?" by Marco Caldeira and Pedro Fontes.

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