VdA worked with the World Economic on the long-awaited briefing paper, which will serve as the foremost publication involving extensive research focused on the metaverse.

The initiative has brought together a global, multi-stakeholder group of more than 100 experts in academia, civil society, government, technology, and business to help shape a future metaverse that is equitable, safe, and economically viable.

We are pleased to share the 2nd paper of this initiative:

Metaverse Privacy and Safety

In this report, the governance workstream emphasizes the need for worldwide collaboration among various stakeholders, including academics, regulators, policymakers, and design teams, to nurture understanding of the metaverse and establish protective measures. The paper highlights the importance of privacy, responsible data handling and inclusive design. It encourages stakeholders to start discussions about the ethical navigation of the metaverse.
An accompanying release from the social value creation workstream presents a holistic understanding of the implications of metaverse adoption on individuals, economies, and societies.