VdA and the innovation consultancy Beta-i join forces to launch Innov.Club, an exclusive community dedicated to innovation that brings together leaders and executives to debate the main challenges of the business ecosystem. The initiative includes sessions with internationally renowned experts who will share their knowledge on various topics and contribute to the ecosystem dynamics.

Every sharing session will be designed to allow the leaders joining this club to explore innovative ideas and share experiences in an atmosphere of trust and closeness.

Authors, business people, entrepreneurs and academics, among others, are part of the list of speakers that will integrate the Innov.Club sessions, namely Perry Klebahn, former COO of Patagonia and author of the book Ideaflow, and Brant Cooper, author of books such as "Disruption Proof" and "The Lean Entrepreneur" and rated Best-seller by The New York Times. Portuguese entrepreneurs Pedro Bizarro, co-founder and CSO of Feedzai and Vasco Pedro, co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, among others, are also joining in.

In addition to events with world experts, Innov.Club will also aim to develop international learning expeditions. These will be immersive experiences that will give the club's business leaders the chance to get in touch with some of the world's most innovative ecosystems. Each expedition will take place in a different country, with a detailed agenda of innovation-focused seminars.

The first event on the Innov.Club schedule takes place on 23 January and features David Rowan, founding editor-general of the award-winning technology magazine WIRED UK, who will address the issue of innovation at a time of climate crisis and talent shortage, and how companies' strong commitment to sustainability strategies affects their ability to recruit and retain top talent. David is also an advisor and investor in over 60 technology start-ups and author of the book "Non-Bullshit Innovation".

All the information about Innov.Club can be accessed through info@innov.club.